Doba review

Doba offers a unique solution to dropshipping and are different from other drop ship wholesale sources. Doba’s reputation is high and has earned great reviews for it’s database directory of drop shippers. Doba is a one-stop shop, wherein it is all simplified for you , but really Doba is like a once place stop for all of the suppliers. So it looks like you are dealing with just one supplier but really over 200. Doba also provides support for all of these suppliers. Orders and returns etc. are handled by Doba on behalf of suppliers. Doba assists in helping you manage your orders and returns.



Free trial


Doba is not a just a directory and this feature sets them apart from competitors like world wide brands. Doba gives access to all supplier list and then provides direct access to products, eliminating all the overhead. Plus with a few clicks, you can push products straight to eBay. Thanks to excellent training and support provided, Doba is an excellent program for a newbie who wants to start selling products online.


Excellent informative articles for target audience ie: specifically on drop shipping. Plus Doba also have excellent video tutorials.

  • Excellent online and phone support
  • Certified eBay Certified Service Provider backed by excellent fraud protection plan.
  • Push an item directly to eBay very easily.
  • Free 1 week trial


  • To integrate Doba products to an ecommerce website, you would have to sign up with Doba’s web builder partner has this integration capabilities.
  • It is possible that items will go out of stock for a supplier, when you have to ship an auction item won by a ebay user, leaving you embarrased. (This is common in drop shipping programs)
  • Supplier list is smaller when compared to other dropship directories like Worldwide Brands
  • For some of the products, your net profit margin(after deducting doba wholsale price, shipping and dropshipping fees) may not be very encouraging. So make sure you do your own research(Make use of their 1 week trial and see if the program is for you).