SBI – Site Build It Review

What is SBI and what is in it for me?

SBI! is best suited for anyone, especially, business entrepreneurs who want to make a successful online business. SBI! comes with an all-in-one process, tools, and guidance. SBI site owners include Affiliate Marketers, Auction Sellers, E-Goods Vendors, Hard Goods Vendors, Infopreneurs, Real Estate/Travel business owner, students, advanced webmasters, work at home dads and moms, . SBI! markets on : “Why build JUST a Web site…when you COULD build a Web BUSINESS?” Let us see if this is true.

How is SBI! different from other Site builders
As per our research team, we found that SBI! differs from other site builder tools by preparing your site well in advance before you launch your site. While other builders focus mostly on site building only in intial stages, SBI! prepares your site by:

  • Letting you research what keywords users or visitors search for in your area or field
  • Making you aware of the competitive landscape and how you can address it
  • Teaches you how to monetize

For example:

Brainstorm It! Tool lets you brainstorm and pick profitable topics (i.e., topics that attract targeted traffic) for your site. You can save hours of manual, keyword research using this tool.

Niche Choose It! is an invaluable tool that enables an SBI! owner to flawlessly choose Site Concepts for his/her Theme-Based Content Site. Best part is the tools tells you best possible domain name.

SBI! 10-Day Action Guide: This guide, as claimed by SBI!, has both videos as well as articles, will help you structure your website for success right from the beginning.

Full Video tour of SBI!

SBI! features:

Best features of SBI! are highlighted below:

  • Comes with Domain registration, Hosting and Web-based e-mail accounts w/unlimited aliases/forwarding
  • Site-building(Point and click) with template customization options
  • Integrated Search Engine optimization and Submission to search engines
  • Keyword search report and Keyword ranking reports
  • Keyword brainstorming and research tools
  • Automated PPC(Pay-Per-Click) Search Engine research
  • Integrated opt-in HTML newsletter tools
  • Integrated Link Exchange program

See full features of SBI!


  • SBI! has so many features that, a new user may be overwhelmed. But with help of video tutorials, you can focus on what you need.
  • Upfront payment of $299: This is paid annually and you do not have a monthly plan option. Other site builders do have a monthly plan. On the other side, you are getting excellent tools like keyword research, which can easily make up for $299

Built in SEO (Search engine optimization) feature:

  • To announce your site to Search Engines, SBI! creates and submits “Sitemap XML”automatically to search engines to attract more targeted free traffic.
  • Search Engine spider ranking reports let you see how your pages are performing in Search Engines. You can analyze and see what pages rank best and drive traffic. These reports help you to determine how to increase traffic and monetization.


SBI! comes with unlimited Customer Support. SBI! Forums also lets you discuss common issues and solutions with other site owners.


Overall, SBI! is a very good recommendation if you are looking for a site builder that comes with built-in marketing features that lets your site succeed. Visit SBI! Site Tool builder