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Worldwide Brands’ OneSource is the largest directory/Source of wholesale suppliers(more than 9000) for dropshipping, wholesaling, liquatating and importing. This list includes pre-verifed Drop Ship Wholesalers, Light Bulk Wholesalers, Volume Wholesalers and Liquidation Wholesalers. The best part is, Worldwide Brands verifies all their suppliers frequently. Worldwidebrands also participates in BBB(Better Business Bureau ) Online Reliability Program, which makes it very reliable and trustworthy. They are also an eBay Certified Solution Provider and claim that they are the ONLY publisher of Wholesale Supplier Information that is CERTIFIED by eBay.


$299 one time membership fee

Money back guarantee

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  • Huge directory of legitimate manufacturers and distributors.
  • Unlimited Lifetime Membership
  • Excellent Research tools
  • Skilled Support
  • eBay Certified Solutions Provider
  • Money back guarantee


  • It is a high quality directory. However, unlike plan), if you need an e-commerce website to integrate your products, you need to find a solution provider.
  • Since this is only a directory, pricing information is not available. They get you the list of all genuine suppliers. You need to be in touch with suppliers to find our pricing information.
  • Some of big names and products may not be in the list (Eg: gucci, iPhone etc). Reason being certain big companies are reluctant to do business with small business owners.

Market research and analysis:
Marketing analysis, research tools and highly skilled support staff makes Worldwide Brands a compelling buy. Onesource provides a very good product research tool, wherein you can search for products and then analyze the competition and product demands. They also have a good selection of free articles and e-books which are very valuable. Plus Worldwide Brands has tools that will show you which trends influence your buyers and use that knowledge to your own product market. Save Suppliers to your Preferred Suppliers, save your Product Searches and print and export reports to Excel.

Fees and membership:
The fee to access all these features is a one time fee of $299 and is strongly backed by a money back guarantee. You are paying for an unlimited Lifetime Membership.

Instant Import Buys:
This is a new feature added to worldwide brands recently, where it is possible for an Instant Wholesale Purchase of products just imported into the US from overseas factories

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